Owl Obsession Part I: Torn Paper Owls (October 2011)

A personal obsession with owls resulted in two different art projects in October 2011. My 3 and 4 year olds enjoyed making these Torn Paper Owls, inspired by an art lesson seen on Deep Space Sparkle.

The first step was to draw around circle templates to create the basic shape of an owl. Then, instead of using scissors, the children used their fingers to tear strips of brown paper into squares. I encouraged them to use different types of paper to create a lovely feathery texture. They also tore paper to make the tree branch (and leaves) that the owls are sitting on. The children were only allowed to use scissors to cut orange triangles for the beak and talons. They added big eyes and finished off their nocturnal collages by drawing the moon and stars in silver marker pen.

I love how each owl has a very individual character!

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