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Futurist Sculpture from Folded Paper (September 2010)

Transform flat paper and cardboard into three-dimensional sculpture by folding, curling and gluing! This is one of my favourite art projects to do with young children. It can be done in lots of different ways – with rainbow colours or in monochrome, wall-mounted or free-standing.

On this occasion I gave the kids a rectangular cardboard plate as a base, but encouraged them to let their constructions to project or hang over the sides. They made loops, squares and zig-zags from paper strips. I also cheated a little and gave them toilet roll tubes to give some structure to their sculptures. My scrap paper box had a lot of strips with holes punched out (from a previous project), and these really added texture and a mechanical look to the children’s creations.

Because the kids had used a variety of materials, colours and surface textures, I finished off the sculptures with a spray of silver spray – giving a more unified appearance which really emphasises the three-dimensional forms.


It was only afterwards that someone pointed out to me how much they look like Futurist sculpture. Eat your hearts out, Boccione and Balla!


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