Texture-saurus! Dinosaur Collage (April 2013)

Dinosaurs are always fun to draw, and with this project my five and six year olds were able to give a textural dimension to their drawings by using wallpaper instead of normal paper.

blog DSCF4410We looked at some photos of dinosaurs, and then the kids chose from a big pile of textured wallpapers in various greens, browns and yellows. They drew their own prehistoric creature on the reverse of the wallpaper, and then cut it out carefully.

blog DSCF4452Next the kids created a Jurassic landscape for their dinosaurs. Using oil pastels, the children filled a sheet of white paper with mountains, volcanoes, trees and plants, to create a perfect habitat for their roaring reptiles!

blog DSCF4472

DSCF4478 DSCF4485

To view more of the children’s texture-saurus collages please click through the gallery below.

For more project ideas using textured wallpaper, take a look at my recent posts, Snowy Mountains: Wallpaper Collage (January 2013) and Snowy Owls: Torn Paper Collage (January 2013). A further dinosaur project with textured wallpaper for  younger kindergartners will follow soon.

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