Shape-o-saurus! Dinosaur collage #2 (April 2013)

This project was devised for my younger group, who are three and four years old. They are not quite at the stage of drawing recognisable figures or animals, so the project I did with my five and six year olds – Texture-saurus! Dinosaur Collage (April 2013) – would not have been suitable. However, I still wanted to use the same, textured wallpaper, that has formed the starting point for several recent projects.


I came up with this collage project in which basic geometric shapes are assembled to create a dinosaur body. As well as practising skills such as cutting with scissors, it is also a great activity to promote language development, helping the children become familiar with the names of shapes – circle, oval, triangle, rectangle, semi-circle and diamond.

blog DSCF4501

The children chose from a range of brown, yellow, green and orange-coloured wallpaper samples, on which I had already drawn a selection of shapes to make the body, head and tail. After they had carefully cut them out, the kids started to build their dinosaurs, adding rectangular legs, triangular spines and two little paper discs for eyes.


Some of the children made dinosaurs that stand with all four feet on the ground, like Stegosaurus, while others created Tyrannosaurus Rex-like creatures that stand up on their hind legs! Roaring mouths were made by snipping a wedge shape from the head, and a few children went further by adding sharp teeth!

Here are the Shape-o-saurs in all their fearsome glory…

DSC_1714 DSC_1716 DSC_1720 DSC_1722 DSCF4524




  1. wonderful that they built these themselves and all ended up looking different and unique rather than all the same like some teacher-created prototype! bravo!!
    just a bit surprised some of them don’t have extra eyes or noses where their tails should be!

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