Easter Tree (Osterbaum): Mixed Media (March 2015)

In Austria and Germany, the ‘Osterbaum’ is an Easter tradition, seen in homes, gardens and even in shop windows during the springtime.

In our kindergarten at this time of year we also decorate an Easter Tree – sprigs of Pussy Willow with their distinctive fluffy grey-white blossoms, displayed in a vase and hung with colourful painted eggs. For this art project, my three to six year old Art Clubbers recreated the Osterbaum in a colourful mixed media collage.

With our decorated Pussy Willow arranged in a vase the middle of the art table, the children began by folding a piece of silver paper and cutting a curvy shape along the outer edge to create a symmetrical vase shape. They added patterns in pencil, before gluing the vase onto a large sheet of green paper. Brown oil pastels were then used to draw several long willow twigs sticking out of the top.

Next, I gave the children a mixture of white glue and white paint, and they used their finger tips to dab little blobs of it along each twig, just like the little blossoms. Then, the really fun bit – sprinkling dessicated coconut all over the wet paint/glue blobs to create a fuzzy texture! Afterwards, each child tilted their picture and tapped it on the back so that the excess coconut would fall off, leaving only the little blossoms.

blog 2015-03-12 14.15.15

blog DSCF5928At the next session, the children decorated egg shapes (pre-drawn on watercolour paper) with gouache paints.

When they were dry, the eggs were cut out and added to the children’s Pussy Willow drawings, to complete their beautiful Easter pictures.

Please click on an image below to view a gallery of the finished artworks…






  1. Oh, Hanna! You always come up with the most creative projects. May I clone you? I need a Hannah for the art center that I’m establishing over here in the USA. You’re always so inspiring. Sending a hug! Elsita 🙂

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