WILD! flowers: Paper Collage (March 2015)

This was a really fun project for children aged between three and eight. I simply provided the children with scissors, glue and lots of brightly coloured materials – including muffin cases, decorative paper strips, tissue paper shapes, buttons and paper balls – and told them to go WILD!

blog DSCF5596Well… not quite, but in contrast to the previous week’s observational drawing project – Spring Still Life: Grape Hyacinth & Daffodils (February 2015) – when I asked them not to use their imaginations but to draw exactly what they could see, this time I wanted to give the children free rein to work with the materials however they wished.

Before the children started work, I demonstrated a couple of ways to create flower forms with stems, petals and centres. I also encouraged the children to use their scissors to adapt the materials, and suggested they create lots of layers to make their flowers look really bold and stand out from the page. And after that it was over to them…

They responded exactly as I’d hoped they would – by creating a riot of colours and crazy shapes! Awesome!!

Click on an image below to scroll through the gallery of WILD! flowers…


  1. I’ve done a 3-D version of flowers in a vase which I’d love to share. Age range 5-8.
    Terrific site. Thanks.

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