Alpine Landscapes: Wallpaper Collage (February 2015)

blog 2015-02-18 15.00.12

This was a second outing for this project, using torn layers of textured wallpapers to create Alpine scenes with the effect of aerial perspective. On both occasions, the project was planned for a group of children aged between four and six, although the artwork on the right was created by a child of eight.

For a more detailed description of the process, please read my original blog post, Snowy Mountains: Wallpaper Collage (January 2013).

We started by looking at some photographs of mountain landscapes and I pointed out how the mountains appear to be layered, with the closest slope at the front, moving back layer by layer to the furthest mountain on the horizon (known as ‘receding planes’). We noticed how each layer, or plane, was a different tone, from light at the front to dark in the distance. We also compared the size of the trees, observing that the closest ones appear larger than those in the far distance.

Then I provided various sheets of wallpaper with different textures in a range of whites. Each child was asked to select a light white for the foreground, a medium white for the hillside in the middle distance and a darker, blueish, tone for the furthest mountain. The children tore a jagged edge along the top of each sheet of paper (much harder than you might imagine for little fingers – the younger ones in the group needed some help with this). Then they glued them in layers onto a sky-blue background.

blog 2015-02-18 14.42.34Finally, I gave the children black ballpoint pens to add imaginative details to their winter scenes. As well as trees and mountain huts, many children drew chair lifts, skiers and snowboarders. Several girls wanted to draw their favourite characters from the Disney film, Frozen, so you might spot a couple of Elsas…

blog 2015-02-19 15.19.22

Here are the children’s fabulous snowy scenes. Please click on one to scroll through the gallery…





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