Teddy Bears in Jumpers (January 2015)

Shape printing is one of my favourite art techniques for young children – whereby a range of everyday objects and containers, such as plastic pots, wine corks, matchboxes, ‘Smarties’ and toilet roll tubes are stamped into paint to print circles, rectangles, hexagons and other shapes onto paper. It is a simple and easy technique which is fun for children and always produces pleasing results that they feel really proud of. My three and four year old artists enjoyed using the technique to decorate colourful jumpers for teddy bears created from painted paper.

blog 2015-01-13 13.58.00They practised their scissor skills first by cutting out a large disc (for the bear’s head) and six small discs (ears, hands, feet) from white paper, before sponging them all over with brown paint to create a furry texture. They also cut out a medium-sized disc from brown paper (snout). Then they each chose a ‘jumper’ from a range of coloured papers which I had pre-cut, and used shape prints to decorate it.

blog 2015-01-13 14.08.17When all the pieces were dry, the children assembled their teddy bears using white PVA glue, and added facial features using black marker pens, triangular blocks of sponge to print black noses and corks with pink paint for the inside of each ear.

blog 2015-01-20 14.08.04Each bear has its own funny character, and the children were delighted with their first project of 2015!

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