Crouching Tiger, Hidden…Tiger! (September 2014)

The first project of a new school year, and my four to eight year olds enjoyed creating these mixed media tigers, hiding in the jungle!

I gave everyone a photograph of a tiger to work from, and we discussed the main features of the face – the triangular nose, the shape of the mouth and cheeks, the placement of the black stripes – before the children picked up their black oil pastels and started to draw.

blog DSCF1277I asked them to start by drawing the nose and work outwards, in an effort to encourage them to draw ‘large’ and fill the centre of the paper (which seemed to work!)

As you can see from the individuality of the drawings, I don’t believe in ‘guided drawing’ techniques involving step-by-step instructions. I prefer, what might be called, a ‘guided observation’ approach, where I try to help them to interpret the subject through their own eyes. Children can figure it out for themselves if they learn how to look closely and draw what they see.

blog DSCF1254The next step was to paint the eyes, nose and face with gouache paints.

Then the children tore pieces of green tissue paper and glued them around the edges of the paper to slightly obscure their tigers, being careful not to hide too much of their wonderful drawings.

DSCF1271 crop detailThey put the finishing touches to their pictures by scrunching up brightly coloured tissue paper to create flowers.

The finished pictures are bursting with character!

To view all of the children’s wonderful tigers, please click on an image below and scroll through the gallery…

Adapted from a lesson seen at The Art Teacher’s Closet 


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