Experimental Watercolour Ice Lollies (May 2014)

This project provided the perfect opportunity for my four to six year olds to experiment with some interesting watercolour techniques to create different paint textures – ‘wet-on-wet’, salt effect and cling film effect.

‘Wet-on-wet’ is exactly what it sounds like – the paper is wetted first and then colours are dabbed on, so that they bleed across the wet surface.

DSCF0345 crop

The second effect is created by sprinkling salt onto the wet paint, and leaving it to dry. The salt sucks up the moisture and when it is brushed off a speckled effect is left behind.

The final technique involves placing cling film on top of the wet paint and scrunching it up so that the colours pool under the film. When the paint is dry the cling film is removed to leave a crystallised effect in the colours, just like real ice crystals.

When they were dry, the children cut out their lollies really carefully. They glued the shapes onto real lollipop sticks, and then onto blue sky backgrounds.

DSCF0525 cropThe finished artworks capture all the bright colours of a summer’s day…


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