2d to 3d: Shape Sculpture from Paper (June 2014)

Today my three and four year old artists learned a new word – three dimensional!

We talked about what a sculpture is – a work of art that is not flat, but instead is tall, wide and deep. A sculpture has lots of sides. You can walk around it and look around, over and through it!

I gave each child a selection of large and small circles, triangles and squares pre-cut from paper. I also gave them strips of paper which I had pre-folded, so that when the ends were joined together they became three-dimensional shapes.

DSCF0849 cropThe children started by gluing three large coloured shapes onto a cardboard base. Then they decided where they wanted their 3d shapes, before adding smaller shapes to their sculptures.

View the results in the slideshow below…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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