Forsythia Blossom: Still Life in Pencil and Gouache (March 2014)

blog 2014-03-28 11.33.08

The object of this exercise was to “draw what you see, not what you think you see!” I wanted my older group of children (aged 4 – 6) to observe closely and try to produce an accurate drawing of the yellow Forsythia blossom I gave them as a ‘still life’.

We started by looking together and discussing the shapes and colours of the branches, for example, how the petals are long and thin, and there are four on each flower, like a four-pointed star.

The children used pencils to draw, first the white jug, and then the blossom. Then I introduced them to the goauche paints.

We discussed the important things to remember when using blocks of watercolour or gouache – to add lots of water, keep the brush wet, and paint with a light touch, trying to only use the tip of the bristles. I also showed them how to use a piece of paper towel to absorb any excess liquid and correct little mistakes while the paint is still wet.

The results were stunning. Here are some of the children’s finished drawings.

blog 2014-03-28 11.34.00

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