Field of Daisies (March 2014)

This is another take on my previous collage projects using mini cupcake cases to create flowers: Happy Daffodils (March 2013) and Flower Power (April 2012). The young children I teach (aged 3 – 6) have always enjoyed this simple but effective idea, so I try to come up with a new version every Spring.

blog DSCF9364Earlier in the week we had taken a trip to the local park and been greeted by a sea of daisies. The grass was full of them  – a wonderful first sign of Spring! So we celebrated the warmer weather by creating our own springtime artworks inspired by the scene.

The older group (4 – 5 years old) started by using a sponge to paint a blue sky along the top of the paper, before dabbing green paint on the rest of the sheet up to the horizon line. With the younger group (3 – 4 years old) I kept it simple and left out the sky.

blog DSCF9329

I showed the children how to paint a small area of green before scratching through it with a chopstick to create the effect of long blades of grass. We did this in sections, so the grass stems could be drawn before the paint dried on the paper.

blog DSCF9297Then we put the paintings to one side and washed our hands, before starting on the daisies. The children took four or five mini muffin cases and snipped all the way around each one to create petals.

Then we brought the grass paintings back to the table and glued the muffin cases on, before squeezing a blob of glue into the centre of each one.

The children took little handfuls of yellow lentils and sprinkled them inside to create the yellow disc at the centre of each daisy.

Here are a few of the finished artworks.

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