Spring Birds: Paper Collage (March 2014)

Following the success of my Snow Birds project with my three and four year old group back in February, I wanted my older set (aged four to seven) to try a similar project. However, with leaf buds starting to appear on the trees, I gave the project a spring makeover!

DSCF9221Instead of grey, snowy skies, the children used white chalk to draw fluffy white clouds on sky-blue paper. Then they chose from a selection of old wallpaper samples to find collage materials with a variety of colours and textures from which to create their own bird.

blog DSCF9162

The younger group assembled and glued pre-cut semicircles, circles and triangles, but I wanted the older kids to do more of the process themselves. They used scissors to cut out their own body parts, and then glued on a torn strip of brown paper to create a tree branch, adding tiny, screwed up pieces of light green tissue paper to represent fresh leaves unfurling from their buds.

When everything was stuck down, the children added finishing touches with black permanent marker – an eye, two little legs with tiny claws gripping on to the branches and even some eggs in one of the pictures.

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