Embossed Foil Robots (February 2014)

blog 2014-02-27 14.30.32For this project I used a material I had never tried before – embossing foil – and it was an instant hit with the kids!

blog DSCF8943I gave each child a selection of small squares and rectangles cut out from embossing foil, and their first task was to arrange them into their own robot shape.

I demonstrated how to use a ballpoint pen to draw shapes and patterns on the foil, pressing into the surface, so that when it is turned over the pen marks stand out from the surface. 

The children had make sure they embossed their foil with a newspaper underneath, so that the soft surface allowed the pen to create a deeper impression than it would on the hard table.

blog 2014-02-27 14.20.17

I encouraged the children to create a variety of patterns to represent the robot’s buttons, lights and dials.

By the time they had finished embossing their robot parts, there were only a few minutes left to draw a background in coloured pencils on a sheet of black paper. It would have been nice to spend more time on this to give more depth and detail to the finished artworks.

The final task was to reassemble the robots on the black paper background, so that they could be glued down. I think the effect of the shiny embossed surface works really well, and the children loved trying such a cool technique. I will definitely be thinking up some more embossing projects for the future!

blog 2014-02-27 15.17.22Check out some more embossed foil robots by clicking through the gallery below…



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