Curled Paper Valentine Hearts (February 2014)

blog DSCF8733 2For Valentines Day my pre-schoolers created beautiful sculptural hearts using curled paper in multi-colours.

I prepared for the session by cutting out heart shapes from heavy cardboard. I also cut some coloured paper into long strips of different widths (using up a large bag of scrap paper in the process!).

blog DSCF8713After coating their cardboard hearts with a thick layer of white glue, the children selected paper strips and curled each one by rolling it around a pencil. Next was the tricky job of sticking it onto the cardboard heart. I showed the children how to gently hold each curl in place with a couple of fingers, until the glue began to hold it in place, being careful not to crush the edges of the paper.

blog DSCF8731

The resulting artworks are wonderfully sculptural, and would look great mounted as wall reliefs.



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