Recycled Robots (January 2014)

This project for three and four year olds was all about recycling old cardboard packaging, plastic lids, toilet roll tubes and textured card scraps!

After months of collecting all sorts of junk, it was time to finally free up some storage space and put it to good use! I spread out my haul on a table for the children to select items for the head, body, arms, legs, eyes, antennae and other parts to build their own recycled robot.

The children used white glue to stick their components onto a large sheet of paper, adding carton lids and bottle tops to create buttons and lights!

blog DSCF8306

The following day, when the robots were dry, I sprayed them with silver paint (make sure you use one that covers plastics as well as paper and card) and later cut out each one from from its paper backing.

blog 2014-01-28 14.14.49At the next session, the children were excited to see their scrap constructions transformed into shiny, metallic machines!

The final task was to create a galaxy of stars and planets for the background.

I gave each child a large sheet of black paper, a selection of cardboard circle templates (different diameters) and coloured chalks.

blog 2014-01-28 13.52.17

After positioning a template on the black paper, chalk was used to colour inside the circle, taking care to keep the template as still as possible, before rubbing with a finger to blend the chalk in a circular motion, to the edges of the template. It was fun lifting off the template to reveal each planet!

blog 2014-01-28 15.16.44

As a final touch, white paint was flicked and spattered all over the paper using a toothbrush/paintbrush, creating the effect of thousands of stars. All that was left to do was daub white glue all over the reverse of each robot and stick it onto the starry backdrop.

The children loved this project. They were so proud of their mechanical masterpieces and it’s easy to see why…

blog 2014-01-28 14.18.38 2For another fun robot project please see my post: Robotic Shape Prints: Two Ways


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