Styro Sculpture with Colour (November 2013)

DSCF7717 MCN‘Styro Sculpture’ is a project I go back to again and again, because it is such a simple, fun and effective way to introduce young children to sculpture-making and the concept of three-dimensional form.

You can see my previous post by clicking here: Styro Sculpture: Two Ways.

As before, I showed the children pictures of some incredible sculpture created by artists, John Powers, Tara Donovan and Dio Mendoza, using recycled polystyrene products or packing materials (see images in my previous post or follow the artist links above).

On this occasion I introduced colour to the project, providing brightly coloured pipe cleaners alongside the basic construction materials of polystyrene packing ‘peanuts’ and toothpicks. I also gave each child a small block of polystyrene (cut from moulded polystyrene packing) to form a base from which to build the sculpture upwards or outwards.

blog DSCF7753

The little packing ‘peanuts’ are perfect for making joints between the wooden toothpicks or wire pipe cleaners. It was fun bending the pipe cleaners into different shapes and winding them around a finger to make a curly shape!

Once the kids had finished their sculptures, I added a small drop of white glue to each of the joints to strengthen them, in the hope that when the glue dried the sculptures might be robust enough to survive the journey home! 


I love the creativity revealed by the children’s sculptures. Each one is unique and experimental, using different methods to fix, shape, build and sculpt the materials, with spectacular results!

Please click on an image below to scroll through a gallery of Art Club’s Styro Sculpture…

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