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Monsters vs. Aliens: Finger Leg Puppets (November 2013)

For the last Art Club session of the year with my four to six year olds, I wanted to do something that was easy, imaginative and fun!

blog DSCF7979

The children love anything to do with monsters and aliens, and when a blogpost on Picklebums reminded me about finger leg puppets, I knew this project would spark their imaginations! 

We started the class by looking at three wonderfully illustrated story books, Aliens Love Underpants, Jumpy Jack and Googily, and the classic, Where the Wild Things Are

We discussed how monsters and aliens look different to us, for example by having fierce teeth, horns, spikes, sharp claws, lots of arms, legs and eyes, or just one! 

blog DSCF7912

Then I gave each child a small sheet of thick white paper with two small finger holes at the bottom. I pre-cut the holes and also drew a curved line underneath to act as a guide for the children. I showed them how to start from one end of the curved line and finish at the other, when drawing their monster’s outline shape.

The children used coloured pens to draw their own monsters or aliens and then cut them out with scissors. I encourage them to leave a small margin around the creature  in order to avoid cutting off the small, fiddly details of their drawings.

blog DSCF7972Then the fun really began! The children’s fingers became the monsters’ legs, and the puppets came to life!

For another art project inspired by the book, Aliens Love Underpants, please click here: My Alien Loves Underpants! A shape-printing project (October 2012)

For more projects inspired by illustrated children’s books, please click here.


2 comments on “Monsters vs. Aliens: Finger Leg Puppets (November 2013)

  1. katepickle
    January 11, 2014

    So much fun!!!!!

  2. tinasrabbithole
    January 13, 2014

    Super cute! 😀

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