Jack-o’-Lanterns: Paint & Paper Collage (October 2013)

blog DSCF7320

To celebrate Hallowe’en the children created funny-faced Jack-o’-Lantern pictures using painting and collage techniques.

The younger group (aged 3 – 4) were given a sheet of paper with a pre-drawn circle outline to cut around, while the older children (aged 4.5 – 6) drew their own pumpkin shapes and cut them out carefully. Then I provided orange, yellow and brown paint, which was sponged all over the pumpkin shape, allowing the colours to blend on the paper to create texture.

blog DSCF7381The next task was to create a glowing face for each Jack-o-‘Lantern. I provided a selection of paper shapes – triangles, circles, semi-circles and rectangles – pre-cut from yellow paper, which the children arranged to make their own scary or funny face! Some of the older children wanted to draw their own eye, nose and mouth shapes and then cut them out from yellow paper. Everyone also tore a piece of brown parcel paper to make a stalk. 

blog DSCF7399

Finally, the kids had lots of fun creating spider webs for the background. I placed a sheet of black paper inside a plastic tray, and then a marble covered with white paint was dropped onto the paper surface and the children had to roll it around, left and right, up and down the paper, to create a web of lines. A sprinkle of glitter was added to give some sparkle.

blog 2013-10-29 13.55.12

Every child’s Jack-o’-Lantern was different – some cute, some funny, and some just plain terrifying!

One comment

  1. Awesome project once again. I am happy to join you in your world of creativity and spreading the arts to kids in the local community. I have finally been able to secure a location here in Appleton, WISCONSIN, for my very own “2D art studio for the creative explorer”
    It’s called Miativity Room!
    I remember I asked you about how you got involved with all this. I admire your work with these kids very much!
    If u wanna check out my new space, http://www.miativityroom.squarespace.com
    Feel free to stop in when/if you happen to find yourself in Appleton!
    All the best.
    Phyllis Collar

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