Shadow Monsters! (June 2013)

This was a quick, easy, and fun project for my 3-5 year olds, which really got their imaginations running wild!


The corridor outside my art room is illuminated by large round roof-lights, which cast bright pools of light onto the floor and walls on sunny days – perfect for shadow-making!

We took sheets of white paper and wax crayons out into the hallway and the children took it in turns to cast shadows of their heads and hands! I drew around their shadows while they tried really hard to stand still (which was not easy!). Older children would enjoy doing this for each other, but my little ones could not resist moving and fidgeting, so it was tricky even for me to trace the shadows!

The children took their shadow outlines back into the art room and added lots of details like sharp teeth, horns, claws, funny eyes, hair and ears to create their own shadow MONSTERS!

DSCF5579 adj


Watch the slideshow to see more shadow monsters…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



  1. Hannah, your creativity is endless.
    Another genius project!
    Children love shadows. Here is a picture I took of my daughter holding some big wooden scissors: After taking the picture she kept playing with different objects to see how they looked as shadows.
    Your idea of creating shadow monsters is so clever.
    I love it!
    Thanks a lot again for sharing!

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