Blossom Branches: a simple collage project (May 2013)

crop DSCF4763This was a simple drawing and collage project for three and four years old.

The park next to the kindergarten has been a riot of spring colour in recent weeks, with pink blossom trees and vivid yellow Forsythia bushes right outside our window! Sadly, on the day of this project, it was pouring with rain and most of the blossom had been washed to the ground, but the children’s pictures will ensure that the flowers remain in our minds for a little longer!

Since it was too wet to go outside, we started by looking at some photographs of cherry blossom. We talked about the structure of tree branches, and then the children used brown oil pastels to draw their own branches on light blue paper.

Next, I gave each child a small sheet of yellow or pink tissue paper, which they tore into small pieces and screwed up (not too tightly) to create fluffy flowers.

For this project I wanted to avoid the sticky trails and pools of excess glue that usually occur when my young artists get their hands on white glue and glue spreaders! So I gave the children a minimal amount of glue in a shallow container, and showed them how to dip each tissue paper ‘flower’ into the glue, holding it delicately to ensure that it did not get squashed or too soggy.

crop DSCF4715

By using this method, the finished pictures look clean and crisp (and my clean-up time afterwards was significantly reduced)!

I would have liked to use a few more processes for this project in order to give the pictures more depth and texture. I considered using the oil pastel resist method, drawing the branches in oil pastel on white watercolour paper and adding washes of blue watercolour for the sky. However, this would have required drying time before adding the tissue paper and we would not have been able to complete the project within our 45 minute session.

Having said this, I like the simplicity of the finished artworks. They are simple but effective, and very pretty!

Please click through the gallery below to see more blossom branches…


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