Lion Hand Puppets (April 2013)

This simple lion hand puppet is a variation on an earlier project, Terrific Tiger Hand Puppets: A Very Arty Craft (May 2012), and the process is more or less the same, with a couple of different techniques along the way.

blog DSCF4573I prepared for the class by stapling together two paper plates for each child, and cutting a slot at the bottom for for the hand to fit through. I also drew the shapes for the ears and snout on some yellow paper, for the children to cut out.

If we’d had more time, I would have made stencils for the children to trace through, and with an older group I might have asked them to draw the ears and snout themselves. However, with only 45 minutes to complete the project, and quite a few processes to complete, I decided that it was sufficient for my three and four year olds to focus on the cutting out!


Next, we looked at some photographs of lions to observe the triangular nose and the shape of the mouth, and then the kids drew their own lion’s snout using permanent markers. We put these pieces to one side while the kids added colour to their lion faces.

blog DSCF4548

I gave them small squares of washing up sponge so they could dab on some yellow and then brown paint, to create a furry texture all over the top paper plate.

blog DSCF4550

After gluing on the yellow paper snout and the ears, the children created a mane by gluing strips of tissue paper, in brown, beige and yellow tissue paper, all the way around the paper plate face. The final job was to add eyes, made from white carton lids with black discs of paper glued inside.

blog1 DSCF4584

The only thing left to do was to play with them!


blog DSCF4570

blog DSCF4576


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