Stained Glass Easter Eggs (March 2013)

I obviously jinxed the weather when I said in my last post that the snow had gone and spring had sprung! On the day of this project, the snow reappeared for what was hopefully its final curtain call, but Art Club continued on an optimistic springtime theme with these pretty Easter Egg window decorations.

blog DSCF4254

blog DSCF4268










The technique is very similar to that used for our previous project – Raincloud Window Pictures (November 2012) – and is a really simple, fun and non-messy way to create a stained glass effect.

I prepared for the class by cutting out egg-shaped frames from silver paper in three sizes and placing them onto the sticky surface of self-adhesive film (sticky back plastic). I also cut a selection of shapes from brightly coloured tissue paper – circles, squares and strips. With one-to-one assistance, my three and four year olds could have completed these steps themselves, however this was not possible within our limited class time and I decided to give them a head start, so that they could concentrate on the fun part: decorating their eggs with the tissue paper shapes!

blog DSCF4197

The beauty of this project is that it can be adapted for any age. It is a great activity for toddlers who are honing their manual dexterity (especially if you are not in the mood for having glue smeared all over your furniture!).

Likewise, older children and adults will enjoy making larger, more complex designs.

When the kids had finished creating their Easter Egg designs, we stuck them up on a window to see how they looked with daylight shining through the tissue paper.

blog DSCF4208

However, they were not quite finished yet! To protect them from condensation, which would cause the tissue paper to get damp and make the colours run, it was necessary to seal the eggs by carefully placing another sheet of self-adhesive film over the sticky side and pressing  out any air bubbles trapped between.

After trimming the excess film around the edges, the eggs were ready to be displayed. Now all we need is some spring sunshine to illuminate them!

blog DSCF4240

Please click through the Gallery to see more examples:


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