Happy Daffodils: Cupcake Case Collage (March 2013)

Spring has finally sprung! The snow has disappeared and the sun has been shining all week. It won’t be long until my favourite spring flowers start popping their heads out of the ground, but this project couldn’t wait! Daffodils always cheer me up, and these are no exception!

DSCF4176 adj DSCF4151 adj

My three and four year olds had to use their scissor skills for several elements of this project. First, they made a vase/pot for their daffodils. I gave each child a square of silver paper, folded in half, and asked them to draw a wavy line from top to bottom, before cutting along it with scissors. When the paper was opened out, a symmetrical shape was revealed.

Extra decoration was added in pencil before gluing the vase shape onto a sheet of blue paper, leaving the top edge unstuck so that the flower stems could be tucked behind.

DSCF4105 adj

The children cut long strips of green paper for the flower stalks and made petals by cutting triangular shapes from different shades of yellow and white tissue paper. I speeded up the process by folding the tissue beforehand so that they could cut through several layers and produce six petals at one time.

DSCF4120 adjI showed them how to create a daffodil flower by arranging the triangles in a star formation and gluing a tiny yellow cupcake case in the centre.

The final job was to squeeze a blob of white glue inside each cupcake case, so that the children could sprinkle red lentils inside to look like the stamens of the flowers.

The kids were really pleased with their beautiful daffodil pictures, and I love how each one is so individual and unique.

DSCF4123 adjThis is a springtime variation of an earlier project, Flower Power: Cupcake Case Collage (April 2012), which you can view by clicking here.

Please click through the Gallery below to see more daffodils:



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