More Valentine Hearts: Two Projects in One! (February 2013)

blog DSCF3723

Following on from my previous post, Valentine Flower Hearts, my younger Art Club group (aged 3-4) used the same technique for a simple art project, decorating paper hearts using only brightly coloured tissue paper and water.

1. Tissue Paper Staining

Each child started with a sheet of watercolour paper on which I had drawn the outline of a heart in pencil.

Then they took a handful of small disc shapes cut out from red, pink, magenta, orange and yellow tissue paper. Using a paintbrush, the children dampened the surface of the watercolour paper and arranged the tissue paper discs inside the heart shape. I encouraged them to dab a little more water on top of each piece of tissue, to make sure it was damp all the way through.

blog DSCF3709

At first, the tissue paper soaked up the water and stuck to the surface of the watercolour paper, at the same time transferring its colour. The children loved the surprise when the tissue paper dried and fell off, leaving it’s colour behind!

Placed in heart-shaped paper mounts, the spotty effect looked very pretty, perfect for Valentine’s cards.

blog DSCF3725blog DSCF3722

2.Rose Petal Heart Collage

When I was clearing up all the used tissue paper shapes that had fallen off the decorated hearts, I noticed how the water had diluted, softened and also mixed the colours to create delicate, wafer-thin pieces that looked just like rose-petal confetti. I saved them, along with the red paper heart shapes left over from cutting the mounts, and gave them to my 21 month old daughter a few days later to see what would happen.

DSCF3736 adj

Using a glue stick to cover the paper heart with the tissue shapes, she created this pretty rose petal heart for her Grandma’s birthday!

DSCF3749 adj

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