Aztec Rugs: Repeating Patterns (November 2012)

tumblr_mdoxpormwZ1rkizt2o1_500Aztec-style patterns are perfect for teaching children about shape sequences and repeating patterns.

In this fun collaborative project, the children created their own individual strips of patterns and then arranged them together to create one spectacular design.

We started the session by looking at some typical Aztec patterns and the children         observed that many of the designs are made          up of triangles or squares in a variety of arrangements.

We discussed how patterns often consist of a sequence of repeating elements – both shapes and colours.

Before the class, I had prepared a selection of wide strips of coloured paper for each child, as well as lots of small triangles and squares in a range of five different colours.

blog DSCF2452

Each child selected a strip of paper, and triangles or squares in two or three different colours. At first, they played around with different patterns before deciding on a final design to be glued down. They came up with lots of different formations, and worked carefully to try and stick to their own sequence of shapes and colours.

blog DSCF2460 crop

When each child had created two or three strips of patterns, the whole group came together and arranged their patterns side by side on the floor to make one large, vibrant Aztec patterned rug!

blog DSCF2445 crop

As a finishing touch we added a fringe of snipped paper at each end.

DSCF3037 cropDSCF3035 cropThis project was completed by two groups of eight children, aged between four to six.

Together they created two beautiful Aztec pattern designs which looked great displayed on the wall.

Unfortunately the photographs to not do justice to the dynamic effect produced by the bright colours and bold patterns.


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