Painted Pattern Rugs with Sgraffito Technique (November 2012)

My youngest Art Clubbers (aged 3-4) created vibrant painted rugs in this project all about pattern. After looking at some pictures of Aztec fabric designs for inspiration, the children were given paper and pencils to practise drawing different types of repeating patterns such as zig-zags, wavy lines, and vertical stripes.

Then they started to construct their own rug decorated with brightly coloured stripes and patterns.

Each child started with a yellow or orange sheet of paper and a selection of paper strips in a variety of colours, which they glued onto the larger paper leaving spaces in between.

Then they painted additional stripes of colour in between, as well as on top of, the paper strips. and used a chopstick to draw patterns into the paint surface before it dried. The colour of the paper beneath the paint was revealed, creating a wonderful textural effect.

As a finishing touch, the children used scissors to snip a brown paper fringe for each end of their rugs.  A great exercise for honing scissor control!


To see more of the children’s pattern rugs please click through the gallery below…


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