Texture Hunt: Wax Crayon Rubbings (November 2012)

This project started with a treasure hunt around the kindergarten… searching for textures! The children collected Lego and Duplo boards from the construction area, different types of corrugated cardboard from the art supplies, plastic food trays from the kitchen and, finally, the best texture of all, the aerobic steppers in the Gym. These have a non-slip surface pattern of small tessellating hexagons, as well as raised lettering – perfect for making texture rubbings!

The children learned that ‘texture’ is the way a surface feels when you touch it. We compared the smooth surface of the table top with the bumpy, rough, ridged and raised textures of the objects we had collected.

I demonstrated how to make rubbings by placing paper on top of each object and rubbing with the side of a wax crayon while trying not to allow the paper to move. The kids’ task was to fill a sheet of paper with as many textures and colours as possible.

As a finishing touch, the children made textured frames for their texture montages. Starting with a plain cardboard frame, they decorated it with shapes cut from the same corrugated cardboard they had taken rubbings from!


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