Here comes the rain again… Raincloud Window Pictures (November 2012)












On a rainy November afternoon, my three and four year old Art Clubbers made window pictures with a ‘stained glass’ effect.

I prepared the children’s work areas by taping an A4 sheet of self-adhesive vinyl film (aka sticky-back plastic) to the table top, sticky side upwards, so that the kids could stick tissue paper shapes onto the surface.

The kids created fluffy clouds by placing overlapping circles of white, cream, buff and pale pink tissue paper.

We talked about how the rain looks like streaks in the sky when it falls heavily during a storm, and like ‘spots’ when it is a light rain shower. The children depicted both types of rain in their pictures.

They added strips of blue tissue paper, taking care to try and place them parallel to each other. Some children created puddles or rivers of water by placing a few strips horizontally at the bottom of the picture.

It is difficult to lift the tissue paper off the sticky surface once it makes contact, so the children had to work carefully and accurately!

Next the kids sprinkled tiny discs of blue tissue paper between the stripes to look like droplets of rain. A final sprinkle of glitter added a bit of twinkle before I sealed the children’s pictures with another sheet of self-adhesive film.

It was difficult to take a good photograph of the pictures as the darkness descended, but the pictures will look beautiful displayed on a sunny window with the light streaming through the raindrops!


    • Thanks! I’ve also used this technique for making butterflies. I draw a butterfly outline on the film with a permanent marker, and give the kids a selection of shapes cut out from coloured tissue paper. It’s good for teaching symmetry as the kids try to place the same colour and shape in the correct position on both sides. And the results are beautiful!

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