Magic Spider Webs: Oil pastel and watercolour resist (October 2012)

I love doing projects with an element of surprise, and Halloween was the perfect time for my youngest Art Clubbers (aged 3-4) to try out the ‘magic’ drawing technique of oil pastel and watercolour resist.

After looking at some photos of cobwebs, I showed the children how to draw one themselves – by drawing straight lines from one side of their paper to the other, crossing somewhere in the middle, and then drawing a spiral starting at the centre.

Drawing with white oil pastels on white paper confused the kids at first, but I promised them that all would become apparent soon! After adding a spider using a coloured pastel, it was time for the magic reveal!

I dampened each sheet of paper with water and then the chidren used large brushes to cover their paper with lots of watercolours. Patting the picture with a tissue helped to absorb any extra water pooling on the surface.

The oil in the pastels resisted the water in the paints, and the spider webs suddenly appeared as if by magic!

I love the contrast of the delicate spiderwebs and the bold, colourful spiders.

Please click here to see another ‘magic’ drawing project for slightly older children: Magic Monoprints: Halloween Drawings.


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