Colour Crazy Chameleons (November 2012)

The ability to change colour almost instantaneously is just one reason why chameleons are one of the coolest creatures on the planet! They are also great fun to draw!

I showed my 4-6 year olds some photographs of different chameleons with all the colours of the rainbow. We discussed the distinctive features of a chameleon that they should try and include in their drawings – such as the triangular-shaped head, the large googly eyes, spiky spines along the chameleon’s back and the underside of the head, and the characteristic long tail which is often curled up in a spiral.







The kids used a green oil pastel to draw the outline of their own chameleon, adding a brown twig for the chameleon to grip onto, as well as some leaves and flowers to create the perfect rainforest habitat.

Then they went colour-crazy, making their chameleon as bright and vibrant as possible.

The final stage was to paint a dark background with black watercolour, so that their vividly decorated lizards would stand out even more!

Because the oil in the pastel repels water, the children were able to wash the paint over the top of their foliage and flowers, using a tissue to dab off any excess water sitting on top of their drawing.

Please click through the gallery to view more colour-crazy chameleons…


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