Circles for Sharing (March 2012)

I wanted to do something a bit different for the last Art Club before Easter. I had seen this fantastic idea on the blog of artist Pamela Holderman, and I knew the kids would love it! They are always inspired by each other’s art works, so I thought they might enjoy sharing their creations with each other!

This project was perfect for even my youngest Art Club kids.

They all started by drawing around circular objects of different sizes (plates, lids, sticky tape…) to make a basic ‘target’ design.

Then the children chose from lots of different materials and techniques to create a multi-layered design of concentric circles.

The process of building up layers of colours and patterns began with pencil crayons, pencils, coloured pens, oil pastels and metallic markers.

Next, it was time for the paints to come out! It was fun to print more shapes and patterns using corks, cardboard tubes, matchboxes and sponge shapes, and some kids added even more texture by scraping patterns and dots through the paint with the end of a brush.

After letting their circle designs dry for a few minutes, the children cut their pictures into quarters and then swapped pieces with three friends, before reassembling the sections to create a new work of art: 1/4 their own creation, and 3/4 their friends.

I had been worried that the kids would be unwilling to cut up and give away parts of their own artwork, but the trade-off was definitely worth it for them and they loved this collaborative approach.

I think this is definitely a case of the finished product being greater than the sum of its parts… I love the eye-popping results!

They remind me a little of Robert Delaunay’s circular forms. What do you think…?

Robert Delaunay (1885-1941), Circular Forms, 1930, Oil on canvas, Guggenheim Museum, New York

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