Art Club in the Garden (June 2012)

When it’s really hot, who wants to be inside a stuffy classroom? Well, not me! It’s always nice to have an excuse to get outside and try something different.

So Art Club moved out to the garden, to make a big picture in the sandpit. Although individual expression is what Art Club’s all about, it’s also nice to work together on something from time to time.

I brought some pine cones, pine needles and twigs collected from the local park, and the kids discovered more natural materials in the garden – collecting stones, flowers and leaves to add to our huge stash.

Pine cones made fantastic eyes with pine needles for eyelashes.

Twigs were used to outline the shape of the face and the mouth, a pile of stones for a nose and pieces of bark for the hair.

And finally, a scattering of green leaves decorated the body.


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