Flower Power: Cupcake Case Collage (April 2012)

To celebrate the first Art Club of the Summer Term we made bright and beautiful collages of flowers, made from tissue paper, colourful cupcake cases and an assortment of dried lentils.

The first step was to create the flower stalks and leaves by tearing green tissue paper into strips and leaf shapes, and gluing them onto the blue paper. Then the children assembled flower heads from my collection of pretty cupcake cases of various sizes, colours and patterns. I showed them some different ways to snip the sides of the cupcake cases to create petals – a great way to practice accurate scissor skills!

They filled the centre of each flower with green, red or black lentils to look like seeds. One of the girls was particularly imaginative, and glued some seeds in the sky – blowing around on the breeze!

A really simple, fun project, with impressive results – a great way to introduce young children to the joys of collage!


Please click on an image to enlarge and scroll through the slideshow…


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