Valentine ‘Pop’ Hearts (February 2012)

Jim Dine, Four Hearts, Screenprint, 1969

For Valentines Day, I thought the kids would love a fun project inspired by the art of Jim Dine, an American Pop Artist, who often uses hearts in his paintings.

The children’s task was to create four hearts using four different techniques, moving around the room from one ‘station’ to another until they had done every activity. I did the same project with two different age-groups, adapting the techniques to suit the children’s abilities.


Before tackling the different stations, the children’s first job was to paint a background for their Valentine’s Day card. I gave them each a square of cardboard, onto which they brushed a base layer of paint. Then they chose a contrasting colour to paint over the top, before turning the brush around and using the pointed end of the handle to ‘scrape’ further patterns, revealing the base colour underneath.









Then it was time to move on to the stations…

1. Both age-groups drew designs in oil pastels…





2…. and used the tissue-paper staining method to decorate a heart with colourful spots, stripes and squares (for more on this technique see Elmer the Patchwork Elephant).

The older group (aged 4-6):

3. Embossed a silver foil heart by carefully drawing patterns with a blunt pencil.







4. And finally, used scissors to cut-out a lacy heart shape, using a similar technique to my Christmas Tree Cut-0uts.

The younger group (aged 3-4):

3. Decorated a silver foil heart by drawing with metallic pens.





4. Dripped paint onto one side of a paper heart, before folding it together to create a ‘butterfly-style’ mono-print.

A dab of glue and a sprinkle of glitter and, voila!


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