Christmas Tree Cut-outs (December 2011)

Snowflake cut-outs are fun to make, and great for honing children’s scissor skills, but they’re pretty ubiquitous in kindergartens in the run-up to Christmas! So last year I got to thinking of a new application for this technique, and experimented with cutting Christmas Tree shapes instead.

Using the same technique used to cut out paper snowflakes, the children started instead with a ‘wedge’ shaped piece of white paper, which they folded in half, twice. Then they snipped small shapes along the folded edges and around the outside, before carefully opening out the paper to reveal their designs. Several kids worked out how to cut heart shapes, which look particularly effective.

Each cut-out was then glued down onto coloured paper, in either fir tree green or frosty light blue, creating festive silhouettes of snow-covered Christmas Trees.

On this occasion I decided that we would string two or three Christmas Tree cut-outs together to make a mobile that could also be used as a wall or door-hanging. However, the technique would also lend itself to making Christmas cards or tree decorations (if they were made a little smaller).










Click below to see more of the children’s intricate cut-out Christmas Tree decorations:

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